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We have the right equipment, the right skills, the right people, and the right approach. Our service area includes customers in Kingston and the surrounding area, including Belleville Sharbot Lake and east to Brockville.
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Our Top Services

Concrete Forming

In addition to footings and foundations, we have the skills and expertise to form all things concrete such as retaining walls, docks, steps, ramps, patio and garden features


We provide both commercial and residential concrete foundations and footings as a major component of concrete forming.
Excavator for excavation and site prep

EXCAVATION & Site Preparation

The first step in any construction project is ensuring that the area is prepared correctly. This may include moving or removing earth, rock removal, levelling surfaces, grading and preparing for drains and septic systems.


We have successfully and safely conducted many demolition projects. Most demolition projects require loaders or bulldozers as well as any other equipment necessary for the removal of debris such as dump trucks and trash bins


JamesBuilt has built a reputation for providing high quality concrete finishing. These services include installing and finishing basement floors, garage floors, walkways and decks. Concrete mixes, reinforcing, placement and finishing methods ensure long term service durability.

Concrete Patios & Walkways

Time to lose those outdated, unsightly patio slabs and muddy pathways and choose a beautiful outdoor living space. We install traditional concrete patios and walkways along with stamped concrete and decorative finishes for patios, driveways, walks, pool decks, and stairs.

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What we do

JamesBuilt is dedicated to providing a total customer-care experience when contracted to complete your custom concrete forming, construction or renovation project. We focus on cost-efficient solutions, delivered to your expectations. We work with you to ensure your project is completed on time, all while staying within your budget.  In addition to our Top Requested Services above, we try to provide other services that deliver a seamless end-to-end project to you, our customers.