Doors & Windows Installation

Add to the beauty of your home or business with window and door upgrades.  We install interior and exterior doors in both homes and businesses.

Windows can account for a great deal of heat loss or drafts.  It is important to your long term energy savings, to invest in energy efficient windows and doors when constructing a new home.  If you are considering new windows for renovation, it is time to inspect your windows and doors to see if you acutally need to invest money in new doors and windows.  

If your windows and doors are more than 25 years old, it is recommended that they are replaced. However, if the expense of replacing windows and doors does not fit your budget at this time, there are several repairs that we can do to carry over for a couple more years.

We can help you decide by inspecting your windows and doors and deciding what we can do to help you repair.

Some of the options you have for upgrading the energy efficiency of your windows are:

  • replacing caulking and weatherstripping
  • installing exterior or interior storm windows
  • repairing the seals
  • installing new ENERGY Star rated windows and skylights that may include features as double or triple glazing, inert
  • gas fills between the glazings, low-conductivity spacers and a low-emissivity (low-E) coating.

Some of the options you have for upgrading the energy efficiency of your doors are:

  • replacing caulking and weather stripping
  • installing exterior storm doors
  • installing new ENERGY Star rated steel or fiberglass exterior doors.

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