ICF Block Construction is the best alternative to traditional concrete and wood frame construction for its green and energy efficient benefits. ICF (Insulated Concrete forms)Block Construction homes are a more energy efficient method of building your homes or commercial properties.  The rigid polystyrene blocks look similar to Lego blocks and interlock together without mortar or cement.  After locking the blocks together they are reinforced with rebar and concrete is poured into the cavities to create permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs. 

We expertly complete framing for both interior and exterior construction and renovation projects.  We build custom framed residential and commercial buildings strictly adhering to The Ontario Building Code.  We also take into account any municipal standards or guidelines.

Add to the beauty of your home or business with window and door upgrades.  We install interior and exterior doors in both homes and businesses.

We offer a full range of roofing services including asphalt shingle removal, waterproofing, shingle roof application and steel roof construction.

JamesBuilt has extensive experience in preparing footings and foundations for ICF block and concrete block construction.  We have the right equipment and the expertise to ensure that your footings and foundations are constructed correctly to code.

Our Featured Custom Home Renovation Project including demolition to completion included everything you could possibly encounter in a renovation project from installing energy efficient window installation to custom hardwood flooring.  We had to bring in the big guns for this extensive renovation project.  The project included stripping the interior walls down to the studs, removing lath and plaster, ripping out floors, windows and doors. 

Our experts got to work drywalling, painting, installing new energy efficient windows, beautiful interior doors, luxury hardwood floors and trim.  You can see the entire project through our gallery below.

The cost of heating and cooling your home or business is on the rise.  We can offer many energy efficient solutions during new construction or renovations that can help you reduce your energy costs. 

Need Excavation or Landcaping?

Need excavation work or landscaping. We have the equipment to get the job done, including our mini-excavator that fits into those tight areas in around your home or business site.


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