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Why Choose JamesBuilt

Here are some of the many reasons why choosing JamesBuilt for your next renovation or custom construction project simply makes sense.

Free Estimates No obligation

We provide free rough estimates based on your initial requirements. In depth estimates are provided when we are secured for your project.

Construction Drawings We work closely with your home designer

We ensure that your construction or renovation is completed as per your drawings and the Ontario Building Code. If you need drawings we can refer you to an excellent certified draftsperson.

Project Planning Your roadmap to success

We prepare an all inclusive project plan from start to finish. We include all tasks and milestones and obtain customer approval before proceeding to the next step in your project.

Cost Effective Solutions Saving you time and money

We source the most cost effective materials and work smart to ensure that money and time are not wasted. Our cost effective solutions will not compromise quality.

Energy Efficient Solutions Helping you save for the future

We provide energy efficient solutions such as in-floor radiant heating and ICF block construction. Using products such as these will help reduce your energy costs over the years spent in your new dream home.

Site Prep & Clean-up Saving you the stress and hassle

Construction requires preparation and can quickly become a messy business. We ensure that your site remains safe and accessible throughout your project, and we conduct an extensive clean-up when the project is complete.

Need Excavation or Landcaping?

Need excavation work or landscaping. We have the equipment to get the job done, including our mini-excavator that fits into those tight areas in around your home or business site.


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